Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas & a Happy new year to all my 9ja people

This is just wishing y'all a lovely time this holiday season, be merry ans remeber Christ is the reason for the season. Promise to blog more regularly in the new year. Do y'all wanna share your resolutions with me???

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Grammy nominations are in!!!

I'm even confused too. This blog's beginning to seem to me like an award show blog. I get so damn excited when an awards show's around the corner. Pls y'all don't blame me. Put the blame on my SICKENING love for music. Put the blame on that. Anyways,on Wednesday, the list of nominations for the 51st Grammy Awards were announced with Weezy leading the pack of very diverse artists. This is definitely his year. Li'l Wayne earned eight nominations, followed by Coldplay with seven and Jay Z, Ne-Yo and Kanye West taking six. Coldplay, Li'l Wayne, Ne-Yo, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss and Radiohead are all up for the coveted, Album of the Year. The Grammys'll air live on CBS from the Staples Center on Feb. 8, 2009. And y'all in Naija know how to watch it if u're interested. We know our way round these things and as for those that don't, keep it locked on 9jaboogie. I'll be back in a bit with a full nominee list. CIAO BELLA

Monday, November 24, 2008

MTV Africa Music Award (MAMAs) Winners

And i know i didn't have to tell y'all we'd bring all the awards home. Nigerian artistes did what they do best (WIN!!!!!!) at the first ever Mtv Africa Music Awards held in Abuja, Nigeria. Beautiful Show and nice ass performances, nice concept too.

Winners' list below:

ARTIST OF THE YEAR - D'Banj (Nigeria)
BEST MALE - D'Banj (Nigeria)
BEST FEMALE - Wahu (Kenya)
BEST GROUP - P-Square (Nigeria)
BEST NEW ACT - Naeto C (Nigeria)
BEST ALTERNATIVE - Seether (South Africa)
BEST HIP-HOP - 9ice (Nigeria)
BEST R&B - Alicia Keys (USA)
VIDEO OF THE YEAR - Wind am well - Ikechukwu (Nigeria)
MAMA LEGEND AWARD - Fela Kuti (Nigeria)

SMH at our 9ja brothers beating out the likes of Weezy and the Game in those categories. Nice 1! Personally, i'm happy that all the people i rooted for took home the hardware. Tryna upload photos right now but having some problems. I'll be sure to do it asap. Meanwhile, is it just me or is 9ja on top of the game now more than ever. Its such a beautiful thing and i hope this is just the beginning. We sure are going for bigger things. Congratulations to all the winners and all y'all others tighten ur game for next year,ok. I'm out for now and i promise to try to blog more often. MWAAAAH!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My two cents: President Barack Obama

Before, i begin, i should make it very clear : I AM NOT AMERICAN, NEVER LIVED IN THE UNITED STATES AND NEVER EVEN BEEN TO AMERICA. Even at that, i'm extremely excited about the outcome of the 4/11/08 elections. Enough of all the crap little people go through on a regular, enough of "senior citizens who can't relate" governance, enough of the rich getiing richer and the poor getting poorer. We don't know yet exactly what it means for us, Nigerians in Nigeria, but i know in my heart that its a step in making the world a better place. Basically, enough of all the bullshit. Its a new day. Barack Obama Logo
Its time for change!!! This is a little tribute to a new day. Yes we will!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama magazine covers + Colin Powell dancing yahoozee + MOBO awards 2008 winners

And so today, i continue my Obama campaign (y'all would think i were an American voter or something) by bringing y'all a collage of some of the magazine covers Mr Swagger himself has graced. The guy always has this dapper steez. YES WE CAN!!! Enjoy...............

Just saw something funny and thought to share with y'all, sure some of u've seen the pics and all. ITS COLIN POWELL, FORMER US SECRETARY OF STATE DANCING YAHOOZEE!!!This ridiculousness went down at the ThisDay Africa Rising concert which held at the Royal Albert Music Hall, London, England. WTF(in a good way)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to know Naija dance is making an impact outside these SMH at the look on Olu Maintain's face and the bad way the cameras caught him, he looks constipated. Some hilarious ish there.

The MOBO awards went down yesterday hosted by Mel B and Rev Run and yes, people, we brought it home. Told y'all we had more than enough space for the plaques. 9ice took the Best African Act trophy...super nice!!!
Here's a full list of winners:

Best UK Female: Estelle
Best UK Male: Dizzee Rascal
Best Song: American Boy-Estelle
Best Video: Bleeding love-Leona Lewis
Best Album: Spirit
Best International Act: Chris Brown
Best R&B/Soul: Chris Brown
Best Hip Hop: Lil' Wayne
Best UK Newcomer Award: Chipmunk
Best Reggae Award: Mavado
Best Jazz Award: Yolanda Brown
Best Gospel Award: Jahaziel
Best African Act: 9ice
DJ Awards: Trevor Nelson (radio) and Tim Westwood (club)
Lifetime Achievement Award: Motown Records
BeMOBO Award: Ricky McCalla

Here's a photo of our guy, 9ice, at the MOBOs. The jury's still out on his outfit, wot do y'all think???

Saw something today that gave me a very big wake up call. It just basically made me realise that u can do whatever it is you set ur mind to. Hold on to your inspirations, keep those that inspire you around and get rid of them haters.

I'm out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Channel O awards 2008 winners + the 1st MAMAs - Mtv Africa Music Awards 2008 nominees

Ok people, the awards finally went down with the hosts looking right as expected. And a couple of ours took the awards for their categories. As y'all can see, i came through for Ikechukwu's "Wind am well" my voting must've meant something. P-Square did right with Best Duo/group Video category and the Video of the year category too. Nice one to KC Presh and MTrill as well as all the other winners too. I knew Freshlyground were winning for "Pot belly", nice ass song and video. Dunno if y'all will forgive me for this but i think P-Square have other videos that kill "Do me". For goodness sakes "No One like you" and my personal favorite, "More than a friend", well, those are my personal opinions. Does anyone agree with me? The list of winners below...

Best Male Video: Ikechukwu - Wind Am Well
Best Female Video: Lizha James - Nita Mukuma Kwini
Best Newcomer Video: Buffalo Souljah - Bubble Your Bumz
Best Duo/group Video: P-Square - Do Me
Best Dance Video: Lady May - Chokola
Best Ragga Dancehall Video: Buffalo Souljah - Bubble Your Bumz
Best Kwaito Video: Da Dogg - Can You Feel It
Best R&B Video: Gal Level - Falling In Love
Best Hip-Hop Video: KC Presh - Sengemenge
Best Africa Southern: Freshlyground - Potbelly
Best Africa West: M-Trill - Bounce
Best Africa East: Witness - Zero
Best Video of the Year: P-Square - Do Me

Just remembered i'd not done this so here are the nominees for the first ever MAMAs (Mtv Africa Music Awards) holding at the Velodrome, Abuja on the 22nd of November 2008, sponsored by Zain and hosted by the one and only Trevor Nelson

Wahu (Kenya)
Asa (Nigeria)
Dama Do Bling (Mozambique)
Sasha (Nigeria)
Zonke (South Africa)

Jua Cali (Kenya)
2Face (Nigeria)
D’Banj (Nigeria)
DJ Cleo (South Africa)
HHP (South Africa)

Samini (Ghana)
D’Banj (Nigeria)
P-Square (Nigeria)
Cassette (South Africa)
Jozi (South Africa)

P-Square (Nigeria)
Freshly Ground (South Africa)
Jozi (South Africa)
The Parlotones (South Africa)

Buraka Som Sistema (Portugal)
Goldfish (South Africa)
Seether (South Africa)
The Parlotones (South Africa)
Coldplay (UK)

9ice (Nigeria)
HHP (South Africa)
Professor Jay (Tanzania)
Lil Wayne (USA)
The Game (USA)

P-Square (Nigeria)

Akon (Senegal / USA)
Loyiso (South Africa)
Alicia Keys (USA)
Rihanna (USA)

Asa (Nigeria)
D’Banj (Nigeria)
P-Square (Nigeria)

HHP (South Africa)
Seether (South Africa)

Kwaw Kese (Ghana)
Wahu (Kenya)
9ice (Nigeria)
Naeto C (Nigeria)
Da L.E.S. (South Africa)

Movaizhaleine (Gabon) - Nous
Ikechukwu (Nigeria) – Wind Am Well
P-Square (Nigeria) – Roll It

Freshlyground (South Africa) – Pot Belly
Pro Kid (South Africa) – Uthini Ngo Pro

WTF (in a good way) at P-Square in the same category with Alicia Keys, Rihanna & Akon, also, 9ice, The Game & Li'l Wayne contending in the same category too for best Hip hop act. NICE, as in MAJOR NICE!!! So to vote y'all, please go to Y'all with WAP/GPRS enabled phones may also vote at (standard internet charges apply). Voting closes on Tuesday 18 November 2008. For details of other methods of voting like SMS voting go to

There's even a category for random everyday people to win awards, just send in A one minute video of you doing something fun, like rapping, singing or just plain misbehaving as long as the clip contains music. You might even choose to spoof your best or worst videos. I don't know yet if i'm gon send in a vid (na everyday tom , dick & boogie dey win MAMA?) BUT I know FOR SURE i'll be 'over-voting' again so pls y'all, do the same. Let's bring all these awards home. We have room for 'em all and then some. YES WE CAN!!!

Will bring y'all MOBOs gist as soon as i can. Its coming up on Wednesday,the 15th of October. I'd like to hear from anyone that's gon be there. U know, first hand info. Also, anyone that was at the Channel O awards, hook us up with news on what went down, u know, real celeb gossip. Hit me up at . Peace, people, i'll see y'all soon!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A little faith

It's so frustrating how from time to time things go soooooo bad and you feel like you're completely beat down and in serious need of a pick me up as in a major pick me up. When nothing seems to be going right and you can't find anything to make it better. In a bid not to come off too spiritual, i'm using this post as my prayer for everybody going through one hard thing or the other. Keep the faith, life's gonna get better. God bless you.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some random celeb news + magazine covers

As we can't ever get enuf of these lovely celebs, i've decided to bring y'all some celeb news today.

T.I. (the love of my life) just turned 28 and had a party, "The Untouchables, Part Deux" at the Biltmore. If y'all recall He, Li'l Wayne & Young Jeezy had a combo party last year they called "The Untouchables" so apparently, this is part 2. Looked like it was a cool party. Here's wishing my darling boy all the very best. Photos of the cutie at his party...
His birthday cake...yumm...and a random photo of the cutie just being a cutie... no comments on his girl, Tiny, absolutely no comments. Yes,people, I'm playahating!!!

Laila Ali, her husband, Curtis Conway & their brand new bundle of joy/future boxer, Curtis Muhammad Conway (Jr.) here repping the fabulous wholesomeness of family life. Truly's hard to believe she throws punches for a living. She's a banger!

VIBE,my favorite urban music magazine's releasing a historical collector's edition for November with no other than Barack Obama on the cover. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy. With the way i do my own Obama campaign, u'd think i'm American or at least live in America, when in fact, NOTHING!!! lol. I just love the guy's swag and to make it even better, he's a brotha. Yes we can!!!
Another magazine cover i'm feeling right now's the November Ebony one, its got 3 strong women on the cover. JHud, Queen Latifer & Ms A Keys. Lovely cover i must say and whoever did the hair and make up sure hooked Ms Hudson up and stepped up her game this time. They also rep the king, Obama, on the cover.

That's it 4 now, people. I'll try not to be too boring next time. It's 5:12am and i've been up all night. Instead of me to give y'all quality ish to read, i've been busy downloading music. Make una no mind me,abeg. Peace!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've been really excited bout this post. Its my music edition. Yipppeeee. I'm thinking of making it a monthly kind post. Wot do u guys think? Anyway these are a coupla songs i'm feeling right now.

MISS INDEPENDENT by Ne-yo: Ne-yo's hot ode to the woman that does it for herself. According to my boy, Ne-yo, "there's something sexy bout a woman that don't need my help". Nice beat and everything, Pretty catchy.

HERE I AM by Rick Ross ft Nelly & Avery Storm: The Boss' take at being romantic and repping his down ass chic turns out to be a rather good one. Nelly's protegee, Avery Storm holds it down on the chorus and the video's the icing on the cake. Great song.

BABY by LL Cool J ft The Dream: The 1st single off LL'S 13th studio album is just super. Hard to believe he's been in the game so long. A feel good track for the ladies. C'mon how many times do we hear them call themselves our baby???

GOOGLE ME by Teyana Taylor: Pharell protegee, Teyana's putting down with the a major corky swag (listen to her say, "put it in your search engine, Teyana, the princess of Harlem, baby, you can google me") that its hard to believe she's just 17 and this is her first ever single. But, people, she killed it!!! She dances, sings and raps. Is it too early to say she's a phenomenon? Let's hear her album. I can't wait.

WE BREAK THE DAWN by Michelle Williams: DC's Michelle's first secular endeavour was rather unexpected,like her album title. Being a big DC fan and all, i was always of the mind that Michelle had zero moves but after i saw her dance in the video + all those cute ass male models/dancers, y'all know i changed my song. Cool song, catchy and definitely gets me moving all the time.

DISTURBIA by Rihanna: I personally choose to call her the queen of 2008 cos she's held it down BIG TIME. Bringing hit after hit, if, for some reason, u don't like Riri, u , at least, have to give her props for being such a hard worker. In this song, i think she's explaining the confusing state her head's in. That's my own explanation o, What's urs? I like the song sha.

COMFORTABLE by Lil Wayne ft Babyface: Its Weezy and Babyface,people. Wot more can i say?

LE F'ENU SO by Lord of Ajasa ft 9ice: The best naija collabo i've heard in a while. Their yoruba captures you in good ways especially if u understand the language. For those who don't understand the language, the song is basically an "i don't care if u hate, i'ma keep making dough"song. Very well worded. Tight song.

LIVE YOUR LIFE by T.I. ft Rihanna: My number 1 song right now. The song's SMOKING!!! Those who saw the VMA performance probably know what i'm talking bout. I love the song so m uch, its hard to believe i didn't watch the

RINGTONE by Naeto C: This is Naeto C bringing it in a kinda old school/urban way. U don't get how he can do that at the same time,right? I don't either. Slammin' song.

I KISSED A GIRL by Katy Perry: Bold debut from the newcomer telling us how she carried out her fantasy and hopes her man doesn't mind... lol. Didn't like this song at first but it's grown on me. What can i say? Maybe i'm naughty too...

NO SUBSTITUTE LOVE by Estelle: The anthem every woman's scared to sing. Ms. Estelle drops it with passion and all of a sudden we ain't that scared to sing it

Ok, people, i've shared with y'all a bit of what i have on rotation right now. So what're u guys listening to right now????????? Let me know.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Bucket list

Hiya people,
How's it going? Trying not to sound too self righteous but isn't it rather unserious of me to dissappear without blogging for almost a week especially when i'm still trying to create an audience? It was due to circumstances beyond my control, pls forgive me.

I saw this movie a couple of days ago starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman titled 'The Bucket List'. Its a story of two terminally ill senior citizens sharing a hospital room, one a shrewd corporate billionaire (Nicholson) and the other a family oriented mechanic (Freeman). They've both been told they have about a year left to live, so Freeman's character draws up a list he calls the bucket list, basically of things you would do before you kicked the bucket. His list included things like "Witness something truly magical", "Laugh till i cry", "Help a complete stranger for a common good" and other rather humanitarian things. When his friend (Nicholson) stumbles on this list, he decides to add a couple of fun things like "Sky diving", "Get a tattoo", "Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world" et cetera.

It was a really fun movie cos it was filled with wit characteristic of Nicholson amongst other things + this movie really got me thinking. If i had a year left to live and decided to write a "bucket list", what would i put on it, would it be all serious stuff like Freeman's character or would it have some fun stuff? Have i impacted anything positive in anyone's lives? And to the big questions: Do i have joy in my life? Have i brought joy to anyone's life? Really got me thinking and i'm glad to say, i actually got answers. Just giving y'all something to ponder. Leave me a comment or two, tell me wot u think. Just leaving something for y'all to think about.

My next post'll be something i'll be calling my music edition. It'll consist of all the music i'm feeling right now. Just wanna share wit u guys. Wouldn't mind hearing urs too. Really excited bout it. Might even post again before the end of today. Peace, y'all, MWAAH!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

God Bless the works of my hand + Banky W + Etisalat 0809ja

Hi people, i've been going thru a rough coupla days, thinkin, should i or shouldn't i continue this blog. My blog's almost a week old and... wait for this... it hasn't been viewed even once. I'm beating myself up thinking, "There's gotta be something i'm doing wrong" but i'm gonna just create some here & there awareness and see how it goes. With my prayers and yours of course, this will not be a wasted effort and i'll have the satisfaction of knowing that i've actually been able to air my views for people to read. God bless the works of my hands!!!

Ok, now to something that blew my mind COMPLETELY last night. Was taking a break from my dvd series fever and catching up on some NTA, when i saw the most beautiful tv advert EVER!!! The ever fresh and fly Banky W putting it down for Etisalat (permit me to say, that singular gesture of getting the chunk of hotness known as Banky W to endorse the network has won them a customer in The advert was urban and sophisticated, well put together and all(just had to add that li'l bit so y'all think i wasn't just staring at the boy's fine face) and the flavor he brought to it... hmmm... he's a sight for sore eyes. Anyway, enuf drooling, it's a brilliant ad + i wonder how much he and Kaffy got paid for the endorsement, i'm sure y'all do too. Pls ladies, leave a comment and let me know i'm not the only one feeling the boy... i mean, the ad. Anyway, for those who haven't seen it, u can watch the scrumptiosness Here.

Away from Banky's deliciousness now, i'm really feelin the agressiveness Etisalat's bringing with their advertising. Personally, i've never been in any countries with the network but i already know i'm getting a sim for myself (like my 4sims never do me). I think their 0809uchooose idea was also something. Can't wait to see wot else their bringing to the table.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Channel O Awards + MOBOs

Hi People,
Miss me? Don't have a lot of time on my hands 2 blog today but just wanna talk about the upcoming African 'awards season', what with the Channel O awards, coming up on the 9th of October and hosted by Channel O vj's, KB & Nonhle as well as the MOBO awards round the corner (October 15th to be precise and hosted by Mel B and Rev. Run)+the fact that they're quite a number of Nigerian artistes nominated for various categories in both. First the Channel O awards. The nominees are:

Best Male Video
Ikechukwu – Wind em well (NIG)
Prokid – Bampa (SA)
HHP – Music & Lights (SA)
Blac – Kwa Masela (TAN)
Simba – Lovely Day (MOZ)

Best Female Video
Lizha James – Nita Mukuna Nwini (MOZ)
Lady May – Chokola (NAM)
Becca – Sugar (GHANA)
KB – Moni Fe Re (SA)
Sasha – Adara (NIG)

Best Newcomer
IGHO – 9 Ja Boy (NIG)
Camagwini – Imvumi (SA)
Simba – Ndono (MOZ)
Kast – Ndono (BOTS)
Buffalo Souljah – Bubble Your Bumz (ZIM)

Best Duo or Group
Jozi – Muthaland (SA)
P Square – Do Me (NIG)
Irene and Jane – Heat It Up (GHANA)
Witness ft Fid Q – Zero (TAN)
Bleksem ft Krazy Boy – How Low Can You Go
DJ Cleo – Sis Ng’hamba Nawe (SA)
Leroy – Merathe (BOTS)
DJ Vetkoek vs Mahoota – Qolo (SA)
Lady May – Chokola (NAM)
Durban’s Finest – Uyosholo Wena (SA)

Best Ragga Dancehall Video
oBuffalo Souljah – Bubble Your Bumz (ZIM)
Zeus ft Stagga – Imagination (SA)
Mapaputsi – Nangu Mapaputsi (SA)
Baba Dee – Blaze (NIG)
Ofori Amponsah – Odwa (GHANA)

Best Kwaito
Sunnyboy – Summertime (NAM)
Kabelo – Bongwana (SA)
Arthur – Sal’basalayo (SA)
Big Nuz – Ubala (SA)
The Dogg – Can You Feel It (NAM)

Best R & B Video
Danny K – Outta Control (SA)
Amani – Missing My Baby (KENYA)
Loyiso – I Want You (SA)
2face – True Love (NIG)
Gal Level – Falling In Love (NAM)

Best Hip Hop Video
KC fresh – Sengemenge (NIG)
Naeto C – U Know My P (NIG)
Prokid – Bampa (SA)
Witness ft Fid Q – Zero (TAN)
Silkour – Umsindo (SA)

Best African (Southern)
Freshly Ground – Pot belly (SA)
Ziqo – Vamos Embora (MOZ)
Gal Level – Falling In Love (NAM)
HHP – Music & Lights (SA)
Taygrin – 2By2 (MALAWI)

Best African (West)
Becca – Sugar (GHANA)
Ikechukwu – Wind em well (NIG)
Faze – Everyday (NIG)
D’Banj – Move Your Body (NIG)
M-Trill – Bounce (NIG)

Best African (East)
Witness ft Fid Q – Zero (TAN)
Blac – Kwa Masela (TAN)
Amani – Missing My Baby (KENYA)
Azari – Oliwenge (UGANDA)

Video of the Year
Freshly Ground – Pot belly (SA)
P Square – Do Me (NIG)
HHP – Music & Lights (SA)
Ziqo – Vamos Embora (MOZ)
Ikechukwu – Wind em well (NIG)

and nominees for Best African Act 4 the MOBOs are:

Magic System
Jua Cali
Hip Hop Pantsula
Mo Hits Allstars

Ok, people lets represent our own and vote. I've hit the websites up too many times, they should bar me out. Lol. That's it for today guys. Peace and stay with me. Have a lovely week ahead.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My diction+Naeto C album+

Hey people,
There's something seriously giving me cause for concern these days. MY ENGLISH!!! Its horrible. Don't know who or what to blame. No be say i sabi speak the pidgin well well but the fluent grammar i used to pride myself on once upon a time just ain't there no more. God help me. Y'all put me in ur prayers. Lol

Im a BIG follower of everything entertainment. Music is basically my life. Which brings me to my most recent crusade. NAIJA MUSIC. Its off the hook, people. This guys don crase. The kind of things they're bringing to the table are just simply something else. Right now i'm od'ing on Naeto's c's debut, 'U KNOW MY P' and this , i must say, is one fresh album. The guy's talented as hell, people. He brings it from every imaginable angle. He's repping both as a rapper and an entertainer. My current fave tracks are 'Kini big deal' (of course), Ringtone(lovely lovely song, really outside the box), 'One for me ft Wande Coal'(Wande's voice is definitely music to the ears), 'Ashewo ft Wande Coal'(Oh my goodness, Wande again), and 'Facebook'. He manages to keep u intersted throughout the listening process. A real worthy debut from Mr. C if i must say. Anyways, before i pour more praise on the young man (like he doesn't deserve it), the album's available for download on iTunes and normal purchase from ur neighbourhood CD retailer or seller (lol), y'all go out and get a copy and encourage ours. Buy original copies. I'm out. See y'all later. Peace.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome to blogville!!!

I've been meaning to start a blog for a while noe. Even if right now i think its rather cliched to do it as every Tom, Dick,Adekunle and they mama got a blog. In my case, i go thru a lot of things everyday i'd rather share with the world than keep bottled up inside. This way i can even get comments on wot normal people think bout everyday issues. I see it as my own way of spreading WORLD PEACE!!! I'm an energetic, rather lazy twenty something woman with normal twenty something year old problems. Well i'm kinda at odds about what to say right now, this being my first day blogging and all, but i'm sure it'll come up as the days go by. So from this Nigerian girl to everyone reading this, i say "Stay with me. It'll be loadsa fun , trust me!!!"