Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Live your life :o)

Hey people,
How's everyone doing? I've had a pretty easy week. Lemme tell y'all about my weekend. On Saturday, i visited my half sister and spent the early part of the day gossiping with her, her mom,her husband and our other half sister. Nothing like a good Vitamin G sesh, people. Believe that! then, i left for a client's surprise birthday party somewhere in Ikeja. Mad sturvs, i tell you, complete with two buff male strippers n tinz. I'll leave the rest to your imagination. LOLZ.

On Sunday, instead of church, i went to the Hindu temple on Adeola Odeku *let me start by saying i had no idea there were Hindu temples in Naija sef, ignorant me*. Anyway, a friend of the man was having a coming of age ceremony called a "Janya", where, basically, he's transitioning from boyhood to manhood. He's now officially allowed to get married, run businesses et cetera. Our hosts, the Indian community in Lagos, were very warm and welcoming. I really enjoyed the ceremony because i absolutely luv learning about new cultures, traditions and religions. After the ceremony, we were led upstairs for refreshments and let me just put it this way, I AM NOT A FAN OF INDIAN FOOD!!! You should have seen me pushing everything down with capri-sonne and water. Chai! Biko gimme my akpu n nsala and watch me massacre it. In the absence of that, Indomie noodles will do. Thank you. It was a lovely ceremony sha and i must have seen at least 40 Louis Vuitton bags, as in, no be joke! Those Indian women are NOT smiling. Different styles and shapes. Nothing do me sha. Just a little more time till i hammer *firing prayer under my breath*

Dry weekend, abi? Don't blame me, its this bloody old age that's been dealing with me for some time now. I promise to get my groove back. By hook or by crook. Anyway, i guess the moral of this is Live your life to the fullest, do all you can as long as you can and open your mind to new religions. Life is short so we might as well rock the heck out of it. What say you?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pains + 10things

Hey people,

I'm in a lot of pain as i write this. Menstrual pains. And i can't even explain to you the way it came... just like that. so friggin' annoying. You'd think by now, I'd be used to it, considering its been constant for about 10 yrs now. Yes, i only started menstruating at 16. Yay, me!!! even with all this pain i'm feeling, i still thank God because believe it or not, some 25 yr olds have never menstruated due to some medical condition or the other. That being said, let's remember to thank God for everything going on with us...even the ones that annoy menstruation.

Anyways, I've had a quiet week so far, mainly cos my boss is out of town. LOL. I wanna get on the "10 things i love" train. Better late than never, eh? Here goes...

1. GOD.... For reasons I'm sure i don't have to explain. His awesomeness is immeasurable.

2. MYSELF!!! No apologies. I like my eyes, my nose, my mouth, my legs, my heart,my liver, my kidney, my spleen, my pinky toe, my ever changing sense of style, the way i sleep off when I'm watching a movie, the way i can eat 6million times a day n nothing whatsoever changes as far as my body size goes. LOLZ, I'm a Boogie lover, how 'bout u?

3. FOOD.... Had to write that in caps cos i need to explain to you how much i luv food. I'm sure you guessed it already. I eat n keep eating and eat and eat and eat. OK, u get me now.

4. WATER.... It gives me peace. Can't even explain it. Once upon a time, i felt i could make things happen if i said them out loud staring at the ocean. I still believe it sometimes sef. I like water sha. Hell, i even like drinking water. Aiming to own a yacht someday. Whenever i see that boat, Nana, i just start firing prayer. LOL. Name suggestions for mine, please.

5. MUSIC.... I had to write that too in caps cos, it might sound cliche, but music is my life. I know its generic but i don't have a particular genre that i'm biased to. i luv all sorts of music. #nowplaying Bami lo by Naeto C

6. My Blackberry.... That is until all those crazy tech people create something else to knock this one off the list. But for now, My Blackberry Tour 9630 is no. 5 *cheese*

7. My family and my friends.... Listen to me when i say this. They have proven to me that there's no greater love. I mean, this is a good example of love to infinity. People that annoy the living daylight out of you but you know if anything ever happened to them, you'd never be the same. God has blessed me in this department and i thank Him. My friends know themselves and i love you to no end.

8. Watches.... This is more like a "something i love RIGHT NOW" but its crazy. Within the last 2 weeks, with the help of Jayla and Victor, I've bought 4 and i know I'm not done. Help!!! P.s. I didn't buy a Toy Watch but i shall, oh yes, i shall! LOLZ

9. Shoes.... Shoes ooo!!! This is a rather expensive "love". I mean!!! They don't cost 2naira. I blogged about buying one pair a month but what happens when you see 2 or 3 you really like and you know you might convulse if you don't go home with them. Discipline gbakwara oku!!!

10. Sleep.... Do i even begin to explain this. LOLZ

Thanks for reading, people, my back and legs hurt. Periods are a b***h. Kisses, y'all.

Shout out to Ivory Malinov who just startd following this blog *cheese*

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I'm in the mood to write a few things, my boss is not in yet (God, please let her take the day off) so I'm just gon write stuff off the top of my head.

- It rained this morning and i found myself praying there'd be a horrible flood in the Lekki area and my boss wouldn't be able to get out of that axis without an ark and since I'm sure she doesn't have one, it means i can get off work early and go cook at home.
- That being said, I'm really hungry *what else is new?*
- I like the new Usher album, now its obvious that Tameka woman/creature/thing was just plain evil!!!
- Has anyone here heard the album tho? Full of sekzy musik!!! #nowplaying Mars vs Venus - Usher. "...when the worlds collide, big bang, step into the ring of fire, sex, love... its someone who can take desire..." I mean, u can hear him breathe. Usher iz a very sekzy man. *sign of the cross*
- I really do wish my boss doesn't come in today, i luv her n all but I'm not in the mood, mehn.
- Has anyone noticed how temptation comes when you're at that happy place like in your *cough* love life *cough*. I dinna say a thang!!!
- My love for shoes is GROWING. Like wtf??? Is that even possible? Apart from the fact that they don't come cheap, I'ma have to get like 2 extra shoe racks or else... Sheesh!!! Anyway, I've decided to buy 1 pair a month until i find a random briefcase filled with forex on my way home from work. Reasonable and responsible if you ask me.
- And, no, if i do find a briefcase of money, i will NOT take it to the police. Full stop!
- For some reason, I've not had service on my BlackBerry for about an hour now. WTFoogazy?
- I saw D'Banj's "Fall in Love" video this morning on YouTube and OMG,IT'S SOOOOO CUTE. Team G'banj!!! Woot Woot!!!
#Nowplaying - There goes my baby - Usher
- I also saw Mo'Cheddah's "If u want me", Honey B's "Why don't you love me?" and Ciara's "Ride" videos on YouTube this morning. What's a girl to do? I got to work at 6.15am na
- That Cici video ehn, if you want to find a man, you best go learn those waist movements and if you wanna keep your man too. That chic's waist is mad of rubber!!!
- Yikes, i slept in the club last Friday!!! I mean, HOW OLD AM I AGAIN??? I was sitting beside a friggin' speaker and i effin' slept off. Now I'm sure I'm ready for marriage. I'm just gon go buy plenty ankara and start tying them around my chest. I need some youth juice jo :o( Chai!!!
- Btw, last Friday rocked *throwing up rock star signs* Funms ROCKS!!! Seun, Fadeke, Esta, Kunbi, Anne, Lamide, Noble and Kenny do too. Kisses!!!
- Hahahahaha, just remembered my 3year old nephew telling his mom to say "excuse me" because she farted and the cute little man didn't leave till she did. Bless!
- My boss still hasn't come in. Dear Lord, pls let there be a huge flood in front of her house. Deep enough to swallow her car. Amen.
- Yeah and btw, if you're in 9ja, don't forget to register to vote and VOTE!!!

Lemme go restart the BB. Deuces!!!

#nowplaying My Love - Mariah n Terius Nash