Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pains + 10things

Hey people,

I'm in a lot of pain as i write this. Menstrual pains. And i can't even explain to you the way it came... just like that. so friggin' annoying. You'd think by now, I'd be used to it, considering its been constant for about 10 yrs now. Yes, i only started menstruating at 16. Yay, me!!! even with all this pain i'm feeling, i still thank God because believe it or not, some 25 yr olds have never menstruated due to some medical condition or the other. That being said, let's remember to thank God for everything going on with us...even the ones that annoy us...like menstruation.

Anyways, I've had a quiet week so far, mainly cos my boss is out of town. LOL. I wanna get on the "10 things i love" train. Better late than never, eh? Here goes...

1. GOD.... For reasons I'm sure i don't have to explain. His awesomeness is immeasurable.

2. MYSELF!!! No apologies. I like my eyes, my nose, my mouth, my legs, my heart,my liver, my kidney, my spleen, my pinky toe, my ever changing sense of style, the way i sleep off when I'm watching a movie, the way i can eat 6million times a day n nothing whatsoever changes as far as my body size goes. LOLZ, I'm a Boogie lover, how 'bout u?

3. FOOD.... Had to write that in caps cos i need to explain to you how much i luv food. I'm sure you guessed it already. I eat n keep eating and eat and eat and eat. OK, u get me now.

4. WATER.... It gives me peace. Can't even explain it. Once upon a time, i felt i could make things happen if i said them out loud staring at the ocean. I still believe it sometimes sef. I like water sha. Hell, i even like drinking water. Aiming to own a yacht someday. Whenever i see that boat, Nana, i just start firing prayer. LOL. Name suggestions for mine, please.

5. MUSIC.... I had to write that too in caps cos, it might sound cliche, but music is my life. I know its generic but i don't have a particular genre that i'm biased to. i luv all sorts of music. #nowplaying Bami lo by Naeto C

6. My Blackberry.... That is until all those crazy tech people create something else to knock this one off the list. But for now, My Blackberry Tour 9630 is no. 5 *cheese*

7. My family and my friends.... Listen to me when i say this. They have proven to me that there's no greater love. I mean, this is a good example of love to infinity. People that annoy the living daylight out of you but you know if anything ever happened to them, you'd never be the same. God has blessed me in this department and i thank Him. My friends know themselves and i love you to no end.

8. Watches.... This is more like a "something i love RIGHT NOW" but its crazy. Within the last 2 weeks, with the help of Jayla and Victor, I've bought 4 and i know I'm not done. Help!!! P.s. I didn't buy a Toy Watch but i shall, oh yes, i shall! LOLZ

9. Shoes.... Shoes ooo!!! This is a rather expensive "love". I mean!!! They don't cost 2naira. I blogged about buying one pair a month but what happens when you see 2 or 3 you really like and you know you might convulse if you don't go home with them. Discipline gbakwara oku!!!

10. Sleep.... Do i even begin to explain this. LOLZ

Thanks for reading, people, my back and legs hurt. Periods are a b***h. Kisses, y'all.

Shout out to Ivory Malinov who just startd following this blog *cheese*


chinenye said...

Sis, this is really nice...esp the 10things part.

Sina said...


for me
1. God
2. Boobs
3. Lingerie
4. Google
5. Music....everything else can take their place 6-10

Radka said...

Beautiful blog and photos. Have a nice day Radka.

Boogie said...

@chinenye Lolz, thank you. Why don't you do one too
@Sina LOLZ at ur ten things. Nice.
@Radka Thanks a million.

Thanks for reading, y'all.

Ifunanya Al-Kani said...

mama! this is really cool, iv had a good day as today was really hard at work. keep it up sis!

Boogie said...

@Ify... Thanks for reading, sis. Glad i helped. Have a great day