Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Live your life :o)

Hey people,
How's everyone doing? I've had a pretty easy week. Lemme tell y'all about my weekend. On Saturday, i visited my half sister and spent the early part of the day gossiping with her, her mom,her husband and our other half sister. Nothing like a good Vitamin G sesh, people. Believe that! then, i left for a client's surprise birthday party somewhere in Ikeja. Mad sturvs, i tell you, complete with two buff male strippers n tinz. I'll leave the rest to your imagination. LOLZ.

On Sunday, instead of church, i went to the Hindu temple on Adeola Odeku *let me start by saying i had no idea there were Hindu temples in Naija sef, ignorant me*. Anyway, a friend of the man was having a coming of age ceremony called a "Janya", where, basically, he's transitioning from boyhood to manhood. He's now officially allowed to get married, run businesses et cetera. Our hosts, the Indian community in Lagos, were very warm and welcoming. I really enjoyed the ceremony because i absolutely luv learning about new cultures, traditions and religions. After the ceremony, we were led upstairs for refreshments and let me just put it this way, I AM NOT A FAN OF INDIAN FOOD!!! You should have seen me pushing everything down with capri-sonne and water. Chai! Biko gimme my akpu n nsala and watch me massacre it. In the absence of that, Indomie noodles will do. Thank you. It was a lovely ceremony sha and i must have seen at least 40 Louis Vuitton bags, as in, no be joke! Those Indian women are NOT smiling. Different styles and shapes. Nothing do me sha. Just a little more time till i hammer *firing prayer under my breath*

Dry weekend, abi? Don't blame me, its this bloody old age that's been dealing with me for some time now. I promise to get my groove back. By hook or by crook. Anyway, i guess the moral of this is Live your life to the fullest, do all you can as long as you can and open your mind to new religions. Life is short so we might as well rock the heck out of it. What say you?


funkola said...

How can u not like Indian food??? Omg!
Nice blog layout btw!

Jaycee said...

Just like Funkola I was surprised because the Indian food I've eaten was da bomb! Lol.

Boogie said...

Lolz, maybe it was this particular one then. I'ma try it again just for safety. lol.


I like Indian food (Girls) with (slow) Bollywood music in the background.