Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just live...

Found this post saved in my Blackberry's memopad. I don't quite remember if I planned to share it but I'm posting it regardless.

"I'm in bed and I grab my blackberry with a start,Yeepa!!! I can see light sipping in from the curtains so I'm wondering why my alarm didn't go off and then I remember its Saturday n I heave a sigh of relief and close my eyes even tighter. Ope o! Then I remember how rough last night was, too many things on my mind, I kept tossing and turning. My rent is due, an issue which,at my age, I really shouldn't be bothering about but since I'm at some people's mercy, its a valid worry. My rent is due. I have a new job with a 3billion naira target and I have NO idea where on earth or even, heaven I'm supposed to find that kinda money. I know I have a hot, banging bod, but I don't think I'd give "booty money" to the coy so THAT is not even an option. My lil brother's "says" he's broke and keeps reminding me even wen I tell him I'm broke too, he doesn't believe me, I guess, that really isn't any of his business, like my boss says, "Show me the money". The only answer my li'l brother'll understand is the text message alert saying his account's been credited. I, alone, know why my head hasn't exploded yet. Then again, do I really know? How do I go through all this and still smile when I run into that cool girl with the louis vuitton miroir on her arm, the one that drives the VW Touareg, yeah, that one. How do I smile when I see her in the street? I smile, a full megawatt smile with my beautiful white teeth on display too, because I know that even if my rent is due, 4 months due to be precise, everything'll be ok *cheese*"

LOLZ. I'm proud to say that I know longer crave the LV miroir but one super hawt LV damier. No longer care for the VW Touareg but I'm now gaga for the VW Passat (have u seen how the black ones shine? So sleekysleeky) and yes, my rent has been paid for a while now. *cheese*

This just goes to show that - No condition is permanent. Just live, God'll take care of the rest.