Sunday, April 18, 2010

The neck supports...

I consider myself old school. Not totally so, though. How do I put this? Hmmm. Ok, I'm the girl that believes in speaking up when you have something to say and I believe nobody has any right to stop you. I believe everyone, EVERYONE, has a right to their opinion. So please feel free to lemme know your 2cents on this issue.

I'm old fashioned, but not excessively so. If I'm single, I will have a fling or two, body no be wood, ya know. When its a serious man, I'm that girl that has to be wooed and then when the relationship starts and gets stronger, I'm that girl that wants to be on the same page with her partner, I want us to make decisions together and at the same time, I need him to take charge as long as he is healthy. Understand me, please. I want us to think together but as long as he's alive and not invalid or convalescent, I want him to take charge and still keep in mind that we're partners, so I need him to ask my input on issues and use them, if need be. I need him, whether or not I earn more than he does to talk to me like an equal, scold me,when I'm naughty albeit with respect. In this vein, on my part, because I'm human, I agree that its easy to get carried away *whats that thing they say about power and inebriation? I forget, now but I shall try my best to keep in mind that the man is the head, while I am his neck, he makes the decisions and I am there to support him and move him in the right direction.

Recently, I've seen situations where, bite me if you like, a rude, unintelligent, unpleasant AND unattractive female finds herself a man, God alone knows how *i guess there really is someone for everybody*, and he does everything she asks him to do. EVERYTHING. Not like he has a choice given the fact that he might not eat dinner tonight if he doesn't considering he has no job.

So ladies, is this enough reason for a man to become a bitch? Money or not, does the fact that he has penile function guarantee he remains the head in a conjugal situation? Or is there some unwritten code that allows this kinds of stuff? Please tell me. Ladies, let's talk! Guys, I'd like to hear your opinions too