Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hello oh ye beautiful blog readers,

How art thou doing today. Its another holiday! Yay!!! Tomorrow's holiday, as u all know, is to celebrate Nigeria's independence... And just as i typed that line, "We are Africans (Naija remix)" starts playing on my MP3 player. "...We don't die, we multiply..." Y'all know that's how strong we are. No water, no light but our spirit stays strong. God has blessed us...and people are tired of sitting around, doing nothing. They want to do something about it. In your little way, people, do what you can. Let's take Nigeria there. some of u know, i'm the public holiday queen. I know the days for all the pub LOL. I've been looking forward to this weekend for no other reason than I. LOVE. SLEEP. LMAO. Do you know that feeling you feel when your alarm goes off on a weekday and you roll over, turn it off and go back to sleep??? BLISS!!! Anyway, the weekend should be fun sha. Apart from Noble's, SLU...shh on Saturday and ice cream factory trips scattered at different times during the weekend, i have NO other plans. My friends, Onyinye and Funmi will be in town too so it should be fun.

So, that's it about my dry life...for now. Just felt like saying "Hey" Have a lovely weekend, everybody!!!

P.S. Please let's not forget to pray for the 15 children that were kidnapped in Abia state. I can only imagine how their parents feel. May God keep these children alive, keep fear far from them and grant them peace in Jesus' name. AMEN